Top 5 Tips for Taking the Pain out of Window Cleaning Quotes

Tired of spending time on quotes that may or may not lead to a job?
Wish there was a better, faster way?
Do you want to increase your chances of turning a quote into a paying job?

If you're like most professional window cleaners, you likely answered YES to the three questions above.

We know how difficult and exhausting it can be to juggle quotes and paid work, especially when time is against you and locations are on opposite sides of town (and it's the busy season!).

So, we've put together our 5 Top Tips that should help ease the pain of quoting for jobs. Here's what you'll get:

  1. A realistic assessment of how much time and money you spend on quotes
  2. Creative ideas on how to spend less time/money on quotes without sacrificing the quality/accuracy
  3. Tips on how to build a quote that will inspire trust, therefore leading to higher conversion rates
  4. Suggestions on how to maximize your income by making the most of each trip
  5. Advice on managing quotes and prospects and getting better organized

Our goal here is to provide you with techniques and approaches to reduce the time and money you spend on quotes and improve your chances of converting them into paying jobs. We know your time is precious, so we will be keeping our advice as actionable and succinct as possible.

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